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"Your physically felt body is, in fact, part of a gigantic system of here and other places, now and other times, you and other people, in fact the whole universe. This sense of being bodily alive in a vast system is the body as it is felt from inside."
Eugene T. Gendlin, Author of "Focusing."

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VERYONE WHO SURFS the Internet knows that “links” take you anywhere on the World Wide Web.

But did you know you can also learn to access your body’s consciousness in a way that activates links with every aspect of your life...

...past, present, and even your right next forward step?
This website is designed to help you become more aware of your inner body links. Each of us is much like a webpage. Our bodies carry memories and expectations, hopes, fears, and dreams. We are a bundle of inner link buttons.

Some links connect with details of our personal histories. Others carry us into even farther reaches of our human nature where gift, or “grace,” lie waiting to surprise us.

UT LEARNING TO BE in your body, “...as it is felt from inside,” is something you cannot make happen with your mind. Information helps you understand what you’re doing. But information in the mind is never a process in your body! Hearing a classroom lecture on driver training won’t give you a feel for the road. Information alone can never communicate the entire message.

A whole new world lies sleeping inside your body’s knowing. Resources for inner healing, creativity, and the vast riches of our human spirit lie waiting to come alive in you. It’s all in the linking, the connecting, the relating!

Our worst fears and tears can become trusted teachers and healers when we learn to “notice and nurture” important feelings from inside our body’s knowing.

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Before going further, we suggest that you click on the link below and read through the "Why this Website?" page. It will give you a quick overview of why it's so important to incorporate our body knowing into the journey that lies ahead.

Gendlin reminds us, "...our societies have become more complex than all the routines and concepts that they teach." Old patterns from the past no longer work for us. But a new pattern-making potential lies hidden within our body knowing. This resource can enable our discovery of new links and fresh solutions, by reconnecting us with ourselves in novel and creative ways.

A link at the end of the "Why this Website?" page will return you to this spot on the homepage.

Hidden Stories in Ourselves
and Our Children

E INVITE EVERYONE who visits here to enter into the interactive process we are constructing on this site. It will provide a body-experience that can open hidden stories and deeper meaning inside your feelings. We particularly encourage parents, teachers, and child caregivers to enter into this body-linking experience so they may grow to a point inside themselves where they can then guide their children into this same experience.

If you can learn a different way for taking care of your feelings that is better than what you were taught as a child, then you can also learn to pass this special gift along to your children as well.

Children are our future! If we encourage them to recognize their body links while they are young, they will have an entire lifetime to explore and live out of this inner world. Think of the benefits and wisdom that could emerge from such inside connecting. How might it change their relationships to everything if they learned not to be driven by their fears?

How might human society be transformed by such in-touch living if we discovered hidden resources for creativity, healing, personal meaning, and even peace within the very feelings we have made into our enemies?

EARNING THE LANGUAGE of your body’s knowing requires a nurturing that is quite different from the headbrain exercises we are taught in our formal education. We are conditioned to direct mental attention toward ideas and practical applications, without also noticing how our bodies carry these same ideas.

For over 25 years, the goal of our network has been to encourage each person’s journey into this sense for inner connection within our bodies, “...as they are felt from inside.” This has involved both scientific investigation, as well as trust and a faith in the journey inward.

We invite you to learn more about this quiet revolution that can transform your life from the inside out.

An Opening Exercise

Before going further, we invite you to allow a brief moment for noticing whether you can sense any bodily-felt response to the material you have just read--a phrase, a word, an image, an idea. Try to recall anything that might have touched you in a way where you could feel something in your body.

You might ask yourself the following questions:




Then, close your eyes, go inside, and notice whether your body may be carrying something that has arisen in connection with what you have read on these pages.

*** *** ***

S YOU WORK YOUR WAY through the website, be alert for phrases, words, pieces of text, exercises, or images that resonate in your body. If you find any, stop there and allow a quiet moment to “notice” this precious feeling doorway. It has the potential to reveal many hidden links in your life!

The link below leads to an outline of seven, often surprising learnings about how and what your body knows. These will help you better appreciate the importance of paying attention to your feelings. They are the doorway into what your body can teach you, and how it is your amazing connection into a much larger world of experience and personal meaning.


The 4 Phases of construction include:

1. Developing the Habit of Noticing
and Nurturing Your Important Feelings
(This is the basic process currently appearing on the site.)

2. Further Resources for Parents and Child Caregivers

3. An Innate BioSpirituality
that Emerges from the Habit of Noticing and Nurturing
Your Important Feelings
(This segment is without connection to any religious tradition.)

4. Integrating All the Above
into a Healthy Christian Spirituality
(For more information about future development in Phase 4:)
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Learn more about what's coming next by clicking on the "What's New?" links.


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