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This website, www.biospiritual.org, is © copyright 2002 by the Institute for BioSpiritual Research. All rights reserved.

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Materials presented on this site may be downloaded by viewers and printed for personal use.

Copies may be made for teaching purposes, as well as for sharing with family and friends. Please acknowledge the website source for these materials,
www.biospiritual.org, on all printed versions or photocopies.

We encourage any person in a helping profession, especially those reaching out to parents and children, to make free use of materials on this site in your work.

What is expressly prohibited by the © Copyright, is any copying, marketing, and selling of these materials for personal, corporate, or other profit without prior written permission from the Institute for BioSpiritual Research.

If you have questions, please contact:

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The Institute and its members do not teach “the habit of noticing and nurturing important feelings” as a substitute for professional psychotherapeutic or psychiatric care for those who need it, nor as a substitute for training and licensing in the above health fields.

The user of this system assumes all responsibility and risk for the use of this web site and the Internet generally. This web site and its services are provided “as is.” In no event shall the Institute for BioSpiritual Research, it’s Board, or Members be liable for any compensatory, special, direct, incidental, indirect, consequential damages, exemplary damages, or any damages or injuries whatsoever resulting from the use of this site.

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