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with Yourself

A “BioSpiritual” Practice
that Builds Body-Links of Hope
into the Hidden Story-Connections
within Your Feelings

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HE PURPOSE OF THIS check-in during your day is to develop the habit of “Noticing” and “Nurturing” your important feelings. A story lies waiting to be heard inside what your body already knows about your life, even before your mind can ever think it. This knowing in your body is different from thinking in your mind. The Check-In allows body-knowing and head-knowing to begin working together.

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1. Growing Quiet and Going Inside

Take a moment to close your eyes and allow the chatter in your head to die down by letting your awareness settle into the center of your body, and noticing how you feel there.

...(Pause, and take some time to do this.)...

When you’re ready, ask yourself: “Is there any important feeling inside me right now that needs listening to?” It can be one that’s easy to be with, or one that’s difficult. Notice where you carry this feeling in your body, and how it feels.” ...(Pause, to do this.)...


2. Caring for How Your Body
Carries this Feeling

ITHOUT TRYING TO CHANGE or fix anything, or think about it, take some time right now to stay with how it feels to be carrying this in your body.

Let this feeling place know by your presence, that you are with it, that you care, and that you are open and listening if it has something to tell you.

If it helps, put your hand on the place where you carry this feeling, letting your hand say, “I’m here. I care. I’m listening.” ...(pause)...

Take your time, and sense whether anything comes inside--like a word, image, a memory, or feeling--that seems to fit or connect with how it feels to be carrying this in your body. ...(pause)...


3. Recycling

Whenever something fresh or new, unexpected or surprising comes inside, notice and stay with the new feel in your body. Be caring and gentle with how your body carries this new felt edge that came when some word, image, or memory, etc. connected with how it feels inside.

Sense whether anything further comes inside for you, like another word, image, memory or feeling, that seems to fit or connect with what you are now carrying in your body.”

...(pause)... (Continue to repeat #s 2 & 3 as needed)


(a) Checking to See whether
it’s OK to Stop

1) Ask yourself: “Does this feel like it wants to unfold a little further at this time, or would this be a good place for me to rest and stop—at least for now?” ...(pause)...

2) Whenever it feels right to stop, allow yourself a few moments to remember how it felt when you first began being with your feelings, noticing how it felt to be carrying that feeling in your body. Then notice how it feels inside right now. Does it feel the same, or is there any difference? ...(pause)...

(If it feels the same, go to (b) below. Otherwise, close with #3)

3) For a moment, allow yourself some time to be quiet and grateful for the gift of this new relationship to yourself...(pause)... If it feels right, promise that you’ll come back at another time to go further. Then, when you’re ready, bring your Check-In to a close. ...(pause)..

(b) Stopping in an
Unfinished Place

HEN YOU NEED TO STOP in an unfinished place, ask the feeling that still has more to say: “How do you need me to be with you so you can be my friend and teacher?"

(Give yourself a quiet moment to listen
for direction from inside your feeling.)

Also, promise this place that you will come back at another time, so it can continue to tell you more of it’s story.”

...(pause)... (Then, end your Check-In with #(3) above.)

*** *** ***

T MIGHT HELP TO LOOK upon your body’s knowing like the layers of an onion. As each layer is revealed, a little piece of your inner story seeps into awareness. The stories, however, are all about “connections,” “linking!”

It's the way you are tied-in to people, places, events, and time.

Thinking is only a very small part of your conscious world. Felt connections are what influence most of our lives. We are linked into our personal histories, and into a much larger world of gift ("grace")--which will continually surprise us, if we allow it to do so.

*** *** ***

The next page contains information about several cards which can serve as learning tools while you go through this website. These cards are set up in two different formats for you to download and print for your personal use, or as an aid when companioning others.

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